The problem of the subsoil might not be immediately evident...

Regularly construction damages appear because of a lack of knowledge of the subsoil conditions. In this case the fee for the subsoil survey compared to the construction costs or any later damage repair is minimal.

Building contractors and clients, architects, structural engineers and contractors should be aware of the risks and liability issues.

Our services in detail:

  • Generating an economic concept of investigation for your building ground and choose of the suitable procedure corresponding with the critical points acc. to DIN 4020

  • Subsoil survey with concrete recommendations and a comprehensive description of the subsoil conditions, height-orientated surview and position plans, building sections, vertical sections, terrain outcrops and laboratory analyzes, data for water retention and recycling of excavated material. In cases of organoleptic abnormalities, soil samples are also chemically analyzed and classified according to LAGA assignment. Our surveys also include specific information about the capacity of the subsoil and economic substructure recommendations.

  • Soil investigations for construction projects:

    • Organization, tendering, implementation and monitoring of exploration and oriented slant drilling and SPT tests

    • Organization of core pile drillings acc. to DIN 4021 (soils must be examinable)

    • Organization of dynamic probing by light, medium or heavy penetrometer and pressure probe acc. to DIN 4094

    • Evaluation and assessment of the relative density / consistency of the subsoil

    • Organization of excavator prospecting works, competent taking of undisturbed and disturbed soil samples

    • Geological recording of the drilling or digging outcrops, altitude-adjusted levelling, soil classification acc. to DIN 18300 soil groups acc. to DIN 18196 and classification of the corresponding geological horizons, naming and description of soil and rock acc. to DIN 4022, statements about water quantities, ground water levels, inclincation strata water, accumulation and well horizons, statements about water paths, flow directions, flow velocity and infiltration characteristics. [ see also Hydrogeology ].

  • Evaluation of real estates due to the soil conditions, determing the causes of damage by subsidence, professional evidence-protection

  • Supervision during the building process:

    • Don't hesitate to contact us also during and after the building process in case of questions.

  • Exploration of resources for building materials