About Us

Facts and Figures

The GSG Geologie-Service GmbH, founded in 1999, is active in the fields of geology and measurement instruments. Unifying both fields GSG places a strong focus on service and customer orientation. Customized solutions that take into account specific customer requirements are an example of this idea of lived service.

The company's headquarters are located in Wuerzburg (Germany). From there our skilled and dedicated staff supports over 12,000 customers worldwide.

Geological Expertise

As a competent specialist GSG covers for our customers countless tasks in the field of geology. The services range from the field of hydrogeology to geothermics, engineering geology through to the field of subsoil. Soil mechanic tests, too, are carried out by GSG in our in-house soil mechanics laboratory (also as a service provider for other companies).

In addition there are the fields of water law, natural and environmental protection and compatibility that are covered reliably and conscientiously by specialist geologists, engineers and legal consultants for the GSG. 

Solutions for over 5,000 Measuring Tasks

As the official partner of well-known manufacturers GSG offers in the field of measurement instruments solutions for over 5,000 measuring tasks. The service portfolio is as varied as in geology: from level measuring instruments through professional weather measurement systems, industrial and laboratory measurement instrumens up to premium giveaways (for commercial customers). Customers are finding measurement instruments for any possible need in our various online stores.

In addition to individual components GSG provides as one of the few full-service providers systems/solutions in the field of energy efficiency tracking and environmental monitoring. The advantage for our customers: All services are from a single source and customized.  

Service and Custom Solutions

Numerous satisfied customers tell us over and over again that service at the GSG Geology Service GmbH is not only part of the name, but is daily practiced by all employees. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy YOU - our customers. In order to this we develop ourselves permanently for you.

Custom solutions emphasize our customer orientation, too. Here our service philosophy is linked with our expertise. The result: The GSG Geologie-Service GmbH offers solutions according to your requirements and applications.

Social Responsibility

As a specialist in the field of geology we don't only deal with water  in our job daily, but also in our social commitment. To enable young people to handle water safely, we have been supporting the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) for several years. Safety as well as nature conservation and environmental protection in, on and around the water are important social goals that we like to champion for you.

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