Soil Mechanical Laboratory

We take a close look at your soil...

In our modern laboratory we carry out numerous soil mechanical tests for you. The tests can clearify, among other things, whether your soil is suitable as a subsoil for construction projects.

If you have a special request, don't hesitate to contact us for your lab test:

Our services in detail:

  • Professional taking of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples

  • Pressing out, Classification and Evaluation of the soil acc. to DIN 4022, DIN 18300 and DIN 18196

  • Determination of water content acc. to DIN 18121 by oven drying and air pycnometer

  • Determination of the grain size distribution acc. to DIN 18123 by means of sieve analysis combinated with sedimentation analysis

  • Determination of plasticity limit for fine grained soils acc. to DIN 18122: Flow limit, rolling out limit, plasiticity amount, shrinking limit

  • Determination of the water permeability acc. to DIN 18130 – ZY – ES – ST - 3 by means of standpipes or determination of the water permeability acc. to DIN 18130 – KD – ES – MZ – SB - 3 with static load in oedometer

  • Determination of the content of calcium carbonate in calcareous rocks or soil acc. to DIN 18129

  • Determination of the grain density in the capillary pyknometer acc. to DIN 18124

  • Determination of the volume weight and specific gravity acc. to DIN 18125

  • Determination of the organic fractions acc. to DIN 18128

  • Compression test and swelling test for determination of E module and of consolidation coefficient of the soil with normal strain-setting- line of pore quantities and time setting resp. time increasing line

  • Determination of capacitiy of water absorption and of clay fraction acc. to DIN 18132 Enslin-Neff

  • Determination of the compressibility of soil and the water content at optimal compression acc. to DIN 18127 for fine-grained and mixed-grained soils

  • Determination of the lowest and highest bulk density of sands acc. to DIN 18126

  • Determination of pH, conductivity, temperature, redox in water and soil samples

  • 1-axial/3-axial compression tests and Rammschertests, X-ray analyses and mineralogical-petrographical tests by partners

  • Determination of the undrained shear strength by means of vane apparatus

Further laboratory tests upon request :