Clean drinking water is our most important resource...

We help you professionally in all aspects of non-potable, drinking and mineral water.

Our services in detail:

  • Exploration of non-potable, drinking and mineral water as well as assistance in the legal authorization of use and drinking water wells under the permanent survey of the water quality

  • Determination of the exploration points, building technical submission and safety-related surveillance, technical check-up of the workings, coordination and planning of the well, classification of the drilling cores and quality management

  • Exploratory drilling: investigation announcements, drilling tender, evaluation of drilling cores, stratigraphic classification, determination of water-bearing aquifers, safety monitoring of drillings, technical and mathematical control of all work carried out

  • Organization and evaluation of geophysical drillinghole-measurements: resistivity log, gamma-ray log, neutron log, salinity log, caliber log, temperature log, flow meter

  • Professional restoration of existing wells all kinds of official authorization included

  • Taking care from the submission up to the admittance and not to forget the professional coordination of the measures on-site

  • Registration of all measuring parameters on-site - also by means of online monitoring of the parameters via web or intranet

  • Modelling of aquifers and flow conditions

  • Ground water technical calculations for protection against flood

  • Survey and evaluation of pump tests and any ground water parameters, contruction of observation wells

  • Hydrogeological evidence of the influence of buildings and environmental factors on the groundwater.

  • Writing of hydrogeological statements and expert opinions

  • Proof of authenticitiy for legal questions concerning water

  • Pre-exploration of the subsoil by means of geophysical procedures in order to determine aquifers and senseful points for exploration drillings.